PACT Humane Society Offers Cold Weather Pet Tips

With temperatures well-below freezing, PACT Humane Society wants to remind the public about keeping pets safe. “Make sure to wipe off your dog’s paws, legs and belly after a walk,” said PACT’s Dog Vet Care Coordinator, Amber Brown. “You don’t want them walking on salt or antifreeze and then licking it off.” She explained that salt used to melt ice from sidewalks can dry out paw pads and cause them to bleed. Antifreeze is a lethal to pets, so be sure to clean up or dilute any drips or spills from your car. If you pet does ingest antifreeze, seek veterinary care and contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center immediately.

“Don’t leave pets in the car for any period of time,” noted PACT’s Cat Vet Care Coordinator, Pam Malkowski. “A pet could freeze to death very quickly in these temperatures.” PACT Humane Society volunteers recommend calling local police if you see a pet left in a car, noting that it is a Class C misdemeanor to confine an animal in a motor vehicle in such manner that places it in a life or health threatening situation by exposure to extreme heat or cold.

“Don’t let dogs run off leash off your property,” added PACT’s Dog Training Coordinator, Kristen Derrico. Dogs can easily get lost in the snow and ice because they may lose their scent. “And make sure your dog has ID tags on,” she said.

Cat On-Site Coordinator asked that people keep cats inside, noting that cats that go out are vulnerable not just to the cold, but to being hit by cars, exposed to infectious diseases, dogs and wildlife.

PACT Humane Society, which operates out of the Bloomingdale Petco store at 412 W. Army Trail Road, has been offering cats and dogs for adoption there for three years.“We have done nearly 900 adoptions at the Bloomingdale Petco,” explained Chad Bettencourt, Director of Operations.

For more information about low-cost spaying/neutering, adopting or volunteering, please visit PACT’s website at, email or call 630-375-7017.