Daily Cat Care

Volunteering at PACT is rewarding not only for the cats but for yourself too! Each volunteer has specific duties to help take care of all of the loving cats here at the center. Below, you will find a list of duties to help make the cat’s homes extremely comfortable and looking their best for all those coming to adopt our beautiful cats to a new forever home.

Daily Cat Care Duties

  • Feeding the cats.
  • Cleaning water dishes and giving clean water.
  • Scooping the litter boxes, changing if needed.
  • Cleaning the cages (Includes sweeping or vacuuming all litter from bottom of the cage, using a lint brush to clean bedding in the cage, and changing the bedding if needed, etc.)
  • Recording all data in the binder (Including how much food was eaten, if the litter was changed or scooped, if the bedding was changed or just cleaned, etc.)
  • Sweeping the floor after all cages are complete and cleaned.
  • Giving all of our cats the attention and play time they deserve!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteer@pacthumanesociety.org.