Foster Care

PACT Humane Society’s Foster Care Program

PACT is currently looking for foster care providers for cats and dogs in Bloomingdale.

Provide for the temporary housing of PACT cats, kittens, dogs or puppies who are not currently ready for adoption placement by becoming an Approved Foster Care Provider (AFCP).

AFCPs enable us to take in animals who are not currently able to be adopted out due to poor health, need for socialization (young rescued kittens who have never had contact with people), surgery, available cage space, or temporary emotional distress caused by their transition. These animals might otherwise be euthanized by another facility if we didn’t offer this refuge.

Fostering commitments can be as little as a few days, or up to a few months.

PACT rescues hundreds of animals every year from municipal shelters. As a no-kill organization with the aggressive goal to save every life we can, our foster homes are almost always full. It breaks our hearts that healthy, adoptable animals are being put to death, and we could save more if we only had additional foster homes. Save an animal’s life — contact us to learn about becoming a PACT Approved Foster Care Provider.

Becoming a Foster Care Provider
If you are interested in being a foster for PACT Humane Society you can download our Foster Care Application and send it to PACT via email or by fax. If you have any other questions about PACT’s Foster Care program, please email us at
PACT’s Foster Care Managers will ask you to complete a foster application as well as conduct a home visit prior to bringing over any cats or dogs into foster care.

NOTE: Our foster care program is for PACT adoptable animals. We do not provide temporary boarding of owned pets.