Daily Dog Care

Although most of our dogs are located in foster homes due to their sizes, we still have quite a few dogs located here at the facility. Each dog needs special love and attention to keep their spirits alive as they are in search of their forever homes. Below is a list of responsibilities to help maintain their temporary homes.

Before walking the dogs, each volunteer will attend an one hour training course on PACT’s dog walking procedures.

Daily Dog Care Duties

  • Taking the dogs outside for a walk.
  • Cleaning water dishes and giving clean water.
  • Giving the dogs proper “outside the cage” time throughout the day.
  • Cleaning the cages (Includes scrubbing the cages with soap and water, properly drying the enclosures, making sure their bedding and blankets have been changed, etc.)
  • Recording all duties on a log.
  • Sweeping the floor and mopping after all cages are complete and cleaned.
  • Sweeping and mopping the adoption center.
  • Giving all of our dogs the attention and play time they deserve!
  • Using the training practices you learned to help get the dogs adopted.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteer@pacthumanesociety.org.