PACT Practices

PACT Humane Society is committed to our achieving our mission through following practices:

No-Kill Humane Society

PACT Humane Society has made a decision to be a no-kill humane society. We will consider euthanizing an animal only in cases of extreme aggression or extreme poor health conditions which cannot be assisted by medical intervention. We do not euthanize an animal due to old age, costly health care needs, or for the making of cage space. In addition, we actively work with veterinarian offices, animal control facilities and other shelters to retrieve animals slated for euthanasia so that we can offer them a new life through adoption.

All Animals are Adoptable

PACT Humane Society believes that every animal is adoptable. There is a home out there for all animals if we look hard enough. This means that we work hard to place older cats and dogs, those with diseases such as feline AIDS or feline leukemia or cancer, cats or dogs that are missing teeth, an eye or a tail, deaf or blind, or training issues .We have placed all of these animals into wonderful homes.


PACT Humane Society is committed to the pet over-population crisis. PACT Humane Society requires that all of our animals through our organization, to be spayed or neutered prior to adoption too ensure that no additional unwanted animals are brought into the world, contributing to the 4-8 million pets euthanized every year in the United States, because there aren’t enough homes for them – over 100 pets each and every day in the city of Chicago alone. PACT Humane Society also has committed to helping others sterilize their pets and offers lower income families to spay or neuter their pet at a discounted rate. PACT Humane Society is also committed to helping families that have Pit Bulls in their homes by offering to spay/neuter their Pits at no charge.

No Declawing

Declawing is a surgical amputation of the cat’s first knuckle and is considered inhumane by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the Humane Society of the United States, and many other pet organizations. Declawing is actually outlawed in 20 countries throughout Europe. Therefore PACT Humane Society will not declaw cats. We strive to educate and even help train prospective adopters on ways to maintain the cat’s claws by trimming the nails every few weeks, providing an appropriate clawing post, and using humane training methods such as a water spray bottle. PACT Humane Society even offers to help trim any cat’s nails that is adopted from PACT at no charge.

All Cats Should be Indoor Cats

PACT Humane Society educates potential adopters and feline owners on the dangers of allowing cats to go outside unsupervised. Cats face numerous hazards such as poisoning, human cruelty, or getting hit by a moving vehicle. In addition, cats allowed to go outdoors tend to pick-up more diseases and illnesses due to their contact with other outdoor cats who are not properly inoculated. For the well-being of your cat, please keep them indoors. With a little attention to your cats’ needs and likes, you can create an indoor environment that keeps your cat healthy, safe, and happy for the entire family.